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Re: Lake Paddling Conditions
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: A maneuverable boat is probably your biggest asset here.

: A strong-tracking boat that will not weathercock in ocean waves and swells
: will probably get pushed around a lot in confused seas. Skegs and rudders
: are probably useless, too.

: Lots of rocker, and plenty of instinctive corrective strokes.

: Yep.. Brace and boogie. Not sure about ballast--may help, or hurt you (or
: both). I think ballast increases the tracking of most boats, which would
: probably be detrimental in really confused chop. Of course, if the chop is
: less than 1-2', the tracking may help you. If you're in 3-4' stuff, I
: think maneuverability would be a greater asset. A more maneuverable boat
: will be easier to put back on course after you're pushed around.

: Shawn


I agree. Went out today in 20-25 knot winds and played with the waves. The Seaward tracks very straight, and even reviewers from Sea Kayaker found it difficult to turn. So I turned on wave peaks and braced. I found it rock solid, as usual, to beam winds and confused waves. Still, a boat with more rocker would do nicely here. I'll try out some different boats from the fleet. The Seaward Navigator has a high bow and it catches the wind. I agree, treat it more like play-boating and just respond to it all. Fortunately, on the other side of the island you get nice regular swells. All in all, a fun experience, but I think the ole straight ahead rudder stuff ain't that useful. I'll let you know what the shorter, more manouverable boats do.

Thanks for excellent helpful advice.