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Re: Lake Paddling Conditions
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: David, If you ever get the chance to paddle a Mariner Coaster in that stuff I
: think you'll have a great time, those long lean sharp entry sea kayaks are
: just plain magnets for turbulence. There are different degrees of confused
: water in tide rips so find some manageable ones to play in. I took an
: intermediate class with SeaTrek in Sausalito 5 yrs ago and had a great
: time. One of the things the instructor had us do was paddle in that stuff
: with closed eyes. Another time it was practicing rescues in it. This was
: all 1ft. choppy stuff with 3kt. currents.

Good stuff. I am taking different boats from the fleet out this week into whatever chop nature throws at me. Should be interesting. Will report. Its a question of Sumo vs. Ninja, Sumo being loaded boat/tank and Ninja being light and lively. Ninja tests coming up...