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Different Lake Paddling Conditions
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: Good stuff. I am taking different boats from the fleet out this week into
: whatever chop nature throws at me. Should be interesting. Will report. Its
: a question of Sumo vs. Ninja, Sumo being loaded boat/tank and Ninja being
: light and lively. Ninja tests coming up... David,

I have followed this thread with great interest. We live in Oakville and paddle the Lake Ontario shoreline when its moderate. Too cold otherwise, unless you are drysuited.

But, the Wasaga beach and Nottawasaga bay area of Georgian Bay is outstanding fun from June till October, especially in a strong westerly. The bay gets swells from five to ten feet in open areas, and light shoreline surf that won't smash a boat, just roll you around enough to keep your braces sharp.

Its worth a trip in the early fall when a cold front kicks in. Water is warmer, and as blue and clean as anywhere in the world.

We use 14' CD Pachena's in the rougher lake stuff and they are an absolute blast.. a rolls royce playboat. You bob around like a cork in chop and swells. Otherwise I find my Northern Lights 15.9' kayak just fine..its maneuverable enough in the chop, yet fast enough in the flat to do one mile crossings in 13 minutes or so. Don't need a longer boat. We do have an original 20' Mariner I and its a rocket, but only gets used when its calm.

We all carry Tim's sponsons, sea anchor, and paddle floats, my roll is still in its infancy, and may never develop into a reliable technique.

Have fun, but TO harbour is probably the last place I would paddle, try the big water north of the city.