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Recommendations for "play about" double?

I am looking for a double kayak for getting my 5 year old daughter into to kayaking. I have been looking at the specs on a number of open cockpit kayaks and was wondering if anyone has any experience or recommendations in this area. I want the kayak to be a bit more like a floating, guidable raft to keep my daughters interest up and we would only be going out in it for a couple of hours at a time maximum. It would also be beneficial if the kayak could be paddled easily by a single paddler (as I suspect I will be the main "engine" for a good part of our paddling). The boats I am looking at are:

Walden Spirit, Dimension 4.7 Spirit Duo, Old Towne Twin Otter, Loon 138T or 160T.

Does anyone have any experience with these boats or recommendations for similar boats that I have missed? I don't want to drop a whole bunch of cash on this as it may turn out that she does not like kayaking (hard as that is for me to believe) and in that case I will give the kayak to my father (thus another reason for easy single person paddling).

Thanks very much, Kris