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Re: Roll Aid Back Up
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: Eric,

: Not "Strong Bracing" but strong (adj) bracing and rescue skills.

: If you are not a paddler, then it would be difficult for me to explain the
: potential for difficulties that your mother may have if she ventures into
: cold (BC) waters with out the proper training and equipment. The best
: thing you can do is follow Shawn's advise, buy your mother a copy of
: "Deep Trouble" and get her to an outfitter in your area.

: If you can give us an idea of where your mom lives (city only is enough) then
: I'm sure others on this board could give you the names of quality
: outfitters in that area. You have stumbled onto a virtual hornet's nest
: with regard to the dangers of kayaking. Experienced paddlers wince when
: new (and non) paddlers talk about gear before training and going any where
: near cold and dangerous waters like those that are found in BC. I don't
: mean to sound like an alarmist but untrained people do in fact get hurt
: (or worse) in this sport when they do not understand the nature of the
: hazards on the water. It is not for the casual outdoors person.

: Jed

My mother lives aboard a power boat in Desolation Sound during the summer and has spent many years on the coastal waters of B.C. so she is very aware of the conditions in our coastal waters. She did take an introductory course in Kayaking and from this point on I would expect that she just needs to practice.

I will probably buy her a Roll Aid and advise her to teather her paddle and read the book Deep Trouble although I wonder if the book might be a bit alarmist and reduce her confidence level which might do more harm than good. Most of all I think she should be practicing rolls in shallow water where her husband can assist if necessary.

Thank you for all of your advice.