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Re: I have to agree - with Shawn
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: I think rolling improved my bracing and overall "body english".
: Better static braces, better sculling braces, better boat feel, better
: body position. A study like that would be pretty interesting!

My one trip that put everything I've learned up to this point to the ultimate test - I had to promise not to publish the details. But a strong lesson I took from that trip was my roll prevented me from swimming... three times within 5 minutes. If I had needed to re-enter and pump my boat each time, I would have been exhausted.

My roll also nearly *perfected* my high brace - another item from the "bag o'tricks" that kept me from rolling more than 3 times.

But I also have to say it takes more than a few hours to learn to roll in those types of conditions. You might be able to roll in a pool in a few hours if you're lucky, but it has taken me nearly a year to work it up to the level I mentioned above. And most of you folks know how often I go out and practice (but I'll give you the fact that I'm a slow learner)