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A Pool Roll is not a Combat Roll

I have to agree with Woody... ;)

: My one trip that put everything I've learned up to this point to the ultimate
: test - I had to promise not to publish the details. But a strong lesson I
: took from that trip was my roll prevented me from swimming... three times
: within 5 minutes. If I had needed to re-enter and pump my boat each time,
: I would have been exhausted.

I was on a whitewater trip on Sunday. I have a "perfect" pool roll, but I've learned how difficult rolling in real conditions can be. I didn't swim, but I came close twice. They weren't good rolls, they weren't pretty rolls, but they worked, and they showed me how much more roll practice I need. I'd sure love to hear about "Woody's Deep Trouble" but I know a promise is a promise!

: My roll also nearly *perfected* my high brace - another item from the
: "bag o'tricks" that kept me from rolling more than 3 times.

Agreed. I also had one occasion where I brought myself up from a horizontal position with a constant sculling high brace.

: But I also have to say it takes more than a few hours to learn to roll in
: those types of conditions. You might be able to roll in a pool in a few
: hours if you're lucky, but it has taken me nearly a year to work it up to
: the level I mentioned above. And most of you folks know how often I go out
: and practice (but I'll give you the fact that I'm a slow learner)

I'm not trying to discount the value of a pool roll, and I know you're not either, Woody. You've gotta start somewhere. My roll has allowed me significant gains in my high brace and leaning skills. When I'm not afraid to really lean out on edge, even in flat water, because I know that I have a roll to back me up if I go "too far", I've gained a lot from having a roll, even if the roll by itself isn't 100% reliable.