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Re: A Pool Roll is not a Combat Roll

: Oh no, certainly not. I would have never been allowed on the water if that
: were the case. But rolling should probably be a *goal* for those kayakers
: who paddle boats that can be rolled with reasonable effort. A novice
: should learn using the paddle float and assisted rescues FIRST, and use
: those while they progress towards a roll (and continue to practice them
: even after learning to roll). Whether it takes 6 hours or 2 years, it
: should be a goal as it will teach skills to prevent them from going over
: in the first place.

: Woody


That sounds like a good position. So rolling, as in effective rescue manouever, should be a clear goal for all instruction. It kind of is already, but making it explicit helps in standard setting. In view of your comments, maybe all instruction at the basic level should include some immersion activities, such as the hip flick exercises done at dockside when rolling is first taught. Even if the class were not to go on to work on the roll for the next few hours, an hour or two of pre-rolling drills might start them earlier. Some food for thought. Ontario is just getting organized to implement instruction standards, so I am very interested in seeing how to deal with these issues.