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Glider will not turn

At 19ft with almost no rocker it requires more skill than I have to make it turn, especially around buoys in a narrow river race. Big sea kayak companies build for the 3mph crowd. I wasted $270 on a junk feathercraft rudder. If your foot touches the strap that actuates the rudder, then the pedal flips back over and the rudder is stuck at 90 degrees. Very handy for being DQ"ed at the start of a race for crashing into other boats. (see bad rudder posting) Moral of the story. Buy a race boat from a racer who takes good care of racers. Doug Bushnell buils great race boats at his west side boat shop. All his longer race boats have a tiller rudder. Some are set up with the overstern rudder and the understern rrudder, like the Olympic boats that go 12-13mph. Bad, big companies that are so apathetic to racers. If you win a race with 100 boats, then you sell. BUshnell boats win all the races I go to because they are built for a racer by a racer!

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