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Spectrum tracking and Glue?

I remember a comment a while back about a Spectrum and poor tracking. Well I had a trouble with my Spectrum's tracking also. It seemed to have a mind of its own when it came to a straight line. In surfing the web I came accross a site showing a kayak design with a prominent keel on only the rear half of the hull. The designer said it tracked well but was still quite manuverable. So I purchased an 8 foot length of plastic outside corner molding about 7/8" on a side and using duct tape fastened it over the keel on the rear of the Spectrum. Tested it today and now the Spectrum behaves and tracks well.

Now I need to install it permanently. Does anyone out there know of a glue that will adhere to a plastic hull?


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Spectrum tracking and Glue?
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On polyethylene too???
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A possibility