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good rudder and free download

I have a long slender boat that is fast but really needs a rudder, especially in races in a narrow river around buoys, etc. I had problems with pedals jamming so a friend put in a tiller rudder similar to the Olympic boats that go 14mph in the 500 meter sprint. The tiller is a paddle shaft perpendicular to the boat fastened to a tiller stick between my feet that actuates the rudder cables. This allows me to paddle with my legs rotating my body. I reach forward with the right arm straight and the right knee bent. My back is rotated with the straightening of my right leg as though a rope is fastened to my right shoulder blade and pulls the right hand back. The right hip flicks the wing blade out of the water at the hip. Because my elbow is not worked, I no longer have pain in the elbow.I am kind of fat and over weight. Next month I will be 50 and yet in a 5 mile race with a gentle current it took 37 minutes or 8.1 mph. Not bad for a 230 # man in a 19ft seda glider. There is a free download showing Olympic champions in a race at Fred Mechini's web page if you first go to www.openface.ca/paddle related sites.

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good rudder and free download
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