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Re: Ways to stop surfing sideways ?

Steve. I am an avid surfer and know what you have found out. Sea Kayaks, with few exceptions are good at going out through surf and comming in, but not for maneuvering on a breaking wave. Their length makes a broach and side surf "bongo slide" innevitable as the wave steepens. As others have mentioned this side-to approach with a good high brace which can be moved for and aft to controll the kayak is a good place to be, and given what you described probably your only choice. As the wave crumbles and looses energy you could try to scull your way through the lip as it crumbles over / under you. In high performance surf kayaks we aim to surf the wave, make the section, and exit the wave prior to getting closed out. Sometimes you don't make it and you can get trapped. You try to bounce off the pile and gain enough speed to drop in front and turn up into and over the lip. Other times you drill the bow into the pile and do as I said before with driving your paddle deep into the wave, tuck your head and try and pull yourself through it as it weakens. Try surf kayaking. It will help you with all this more than reading. Sounds like you had fun!