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Re: Ways to stop surfing sideways? Don't Stop.

Unintended surfing can be an unpleasant surprise. But some of us sea kayakers like to surf, and go out of our way to do it. Sea Kayaks have a tendency to broach in surf, but riding the waves in sideways is fun too. I would suggest that most sea kayakers should try paddling the surf zone for fun or for the harsh condition practice. The way to start out is in small, repeat small surf. Anyone wishing to practice "small" surfing around the NYC area is welcome to join me. Watch out for rouge waves. Regards, Tom

: Hi all,

: I have recently suffered the unpleasant sensation of bing surfed sideways
: toward somewhere I don't want to - a rocky landing. Luckily the wave
: subsided enough and passed underneath me. I wondered if there was another
: way of stopping this, other than rolling or capsizing and wet exiting?

: thanks, Steve