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Re: Why do waves come in sets?
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Read "Waves and Beaches" by Willard Bascom. The waves we see at our favorite surfing beach usually start during a storm waaay across the ocean. We see sets because there are many different waves traveling at different speeds/wavelengths and directions. Where waves are superimposed on each other, "beats" occur, and larger and smaller waves result. "Seven waves in a set" isn't really a fact, but a serendipity that often works out.

It's out of print, but you can find it on Ebay or Bibliofind. There are 1964 and 1980 editions, but both are good. 1980 has more photos, but it can cost up to $70!! I bought my 1964 ed. for $6 plus shipping.

It originally retailed for $1.40 in 1964!

: no kidding, so why do waves come in sets anyway? Must be one of those
: "why is the sky blue?" questions