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Re: Ways to stop surfing sideways? - Thanks .

: Hi all,

: Many thanks for all the input - I'll be able to approach my next learning
: session armed with quite a few new techniques !!!

: PS - David, I hope you have managed to get away and are doing some real
: surfing - not the web type !

Hi Steve

Funny you should mention it. We just got back after a bastard of a thunderstorm, severe, on a point. I chose a low, protected camp site. We paddled Georgian Bay, through a lot of confused water due to big shoals of broken rock. The paddling was fine, nice swells on the open lake. Then we got to camp, and the rumbling began. It got closer and closer, finally, bang, my girlfriend and I were stuck in our tent, with thunder and mucho lightning all around us. We couldn't escape, couldn't risk getting out of the fetal position in the tent. Luckily I have a good expedition mountaineering tent, but we were getting hit, even in my safe spot, with what must have been close to gale force winds, driving the tent walls back and forth, the mag light swinging hard. Lightning was hitting all around us, bright flashes lighting up the tent, and thunderclaps (explosions) getting closer and closer. I was afraid, #####ing terrified, for the first time I can remember, not for me, but mostly for dragging my poor girlfriend into this death zone.

Somehow, the storm abated after about 4 hours of pounding. As soon as we got up today, we took a look at the sky and broke camp, paddled back to the launch site ASAP and got the hell out of the water. NEver had to think about lightning much in BC, here, you got to. Local kayakers downplayed the storm warnings, but I am just bloody happy to be alive today. Just happy to have lived through the nite. No place to go in T-storms. The epics we survive turn into great stories, but I curse my lack of judgement. This is why I quit guiding and started teaching basics, just can't take the responsibility anymore for anyone other than me and my own damn mistakes.

Safe and sound, going out there again next week, better long range forecast, but changing plans, no major open water crossings in Ontario this year, too much damned thunder.