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Re: Georgian Bay and chop and Tstorms


We paddle Georgian Bay a lot and I can relate to your adventure. BTW where did you launch from? We're up around Christian Island a lot, its quite open but the shoreline is relatively hospitable.

This summer has been the windiest and stormiest I can remember. Normally the winds don't set in until September, but its howled just about every weekend it seems since June. I have a new boat ( Boreal Ellesmere ) and I've gotten used to paddling in swells and chop very quickly. I've found a shorter kayak or one with some rocker to the hull is much easier to handle in chop than a long, straight hull.

How does the Bay compare to BC paddling? We've been interested in a trip to the Sunshine Coast / Lund and I'd appreciate some perspective on what to expect compared to the open Great Lakes.