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Re: That's too funny
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: That's too funny! My girlfriend and I just got back from a week long paddling
: trip in Gerogain Bay. On that dreaded t-storm night we were camped out
: about a mile north of your position. And we got the full brunt of it like
: you did. I didn't think it was ever going to stop.

: I take the forecast in Georgian Bay with a grain of salt. That night they
: didn't predict thunderstorms of any kind for the bay at all. Or any rain
: for that matter. But like you I have a good 4 season tent that withstood
: the brunt of the storms. And I am glad that I decided to listen to my gut
: and guy the thing out really well.

: Peace Jerry


Isn't that interesting? Quite a night eh? Not exactly romantic, but our love life has curiously picked up since then. Maybe an electro-chemical event, or maybe something about the fragility of life....

BTW, were you folks in a white double? We spent a few hours earlier on that beautiful spread of flat rocks just S. of Alexander passage, and saw another couple in a double, and wondered how their night was going...anyway, thanks for posting. I am personally going to kiss the designers of the MEC snowfield tent, and yes, I guyed the bejeesus out of her too...nothing like Georgian Bay stones to lock that tent to the ground.

Take care,