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I was in a purple Perception Shadow and the girlfriend was in a red Folbot. I wouldn't necessarly say that the night wasn't romantic. I was half tempted to look over at my girlfriend and say "We're probably gonna die out here, and I can't think of a better way to go out then to...." The girlfriend does not have a lot of experience camping so I let her pick out the site for that night. Luckily she did a pretty good job of getting us on something high, and with good drainage.

Actually I was more scared the next day when we we're threading our way through the rocks outside of Alexander passage. With the wind, and wave intensification due to the rocks we were getting hit with some pretty big waves 6+ feet in height. Luckily we were only in it for a few minutes or so but it was enough to give us both a good scare.

Yeah, I know the pride in your tent that you have. My eureka timberlite that 10 years old did a fine job. Matter of fact I'm going to send them a letter of thanks. I'm looking at getting a bigget tent (3-person-mountaineering etc....) but I feel a little sense of guilt for trading in the little eureka that's held up so well, especially after that storm.

Peace Jerry