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Hittin a few and...

The fallacy of reliance on mechanical devices:

My old standby perception inflatable paddlefloat popped today. When it happend, I said to myself the same thing I probably would have said if it had been my last hope for survival - "Oh, Noooo..!!" (Picture Mr Bill)

The foam float that I made and didnt have much chance to evaluate last week offers just enough to do the job. It's probably better, as if I dont get the snap strong enough, or try to lift the head too soon, I will inevitably fail. I can even do a paddlefloat reentry with it!

So, I'm still making progress, and still a little frustrated at how slow the progress is. I did actually hit a pawlatta once on each side today, so I really can see the light at the surface. The strong sweep, strong snap in the forst part of it, and lifting the head last, just like in the books. To everybody out there thinking of teaching yourself, I thought today: Take a class, it's gotta be easier than this!

It's interesting to note the things I notice which I never did before, for example the knee pads in my CLC are too far forward, and not curved enough. The knee will slip off the inside if I let it. The rudder is kind of a pain in the rear, it falls out of place and messes up the footbraces. With the float laying across the cockpit and one hand holding the paddle/coaming, the boat is quite steady and one hand is free to sponge etc... Anybody know of a onehanded bilge pump? My bungees are not quite in the right places. All these little things add up, and a thread on fitting out would be interesting.