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Another San Juan Tragedy

A sad time in the San Juans, as the season ends with the death of two kayakers. Don't have all the details, but as I understand it the two capsized somewhere off of Pt. Lawrence, Orcas Island. I was running my water taxi that day and winds were forcasted to be 25-30 knots NE. They were, and when I crossed Rosario, about five miles S. of the tragedy site the waves were 6' in places, as the flood opposed the NE wind which was all of 25 knots. Apparently one body has been found. Without second guessing this too much my immediate reaction is why were they there?! It's a known bad area and there were no suprises with respect to the weather. This is sad, not only for their families and friends etc., but kayakers are really getting into trouble up here. I think the industry has to do FAR MORE to educate users. Don't know if these were renters or not yet, but people can rent a kayak in locally after watching a video for 15 minutes and within an hour of paddling be in very rough and scary water. If anyone can shed more light on this sad story please let me know. Safe paddling to all as we enter the winter season.