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For a couple years I worked underground in a mine that was under a lake. It had scary moments. If a little water was running out of the ceiling, the old miners would say,Do not look up! If a chute way up above our head was plugged, we would wire a dozen sticks of dynamite unto a 12 foot pole, light the fuse and then you had 2 minutes to shove your bomb into a crack in the rocks above you in the hope the bomb and the rocks above you would stay put until you got out of there. But the terror of getting into an Olympic K1 kayak is unmatched. The older K1 from the 60's were rock solid compared to the modern variety. Here are a couple tips. Slide the footpegs all the way forward so your legs can lay flat to give your knees something to grab unto. Try holding the dock with one hand to get a feeling for how the boat reacts. Practice the tiller rudder while holding unto the dock. Smile relax and yes you can do this! These babies go about 15 mph in the olympics or 500 meters in one minute 35 seconds. In my race boat I added a rear bulkhead of white ehtafoam with a 2inch plastic drain plug in the bulkhead. For glue it was 3m 77. And I stole the black plastic thigh brace yoke from my dagger animas and bolted it in, after cutting out the front 6 inches. Air bags in the front and a piece of foam taped on top of the nose in case I do have to tip it up to remove the water. Now I feel somewhat safe in this rocket fast boat. Born of water my wing blade and I were born to rip holes in the water as we blast along!