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I got this rolling bit...

I'll just tell those waves to STOP!!!

Hold it right there, wave, while I put my glasses in the deck bag and secure them, and put on my dive mask so I dont get a noseful.

Dont you move, wave, while I pull the paddlefloat off the back deck and stick it on one end of the paddle.

And if you wouldnt mind, dont pummel me too bad while I try to concentrate on sticking my face to the coaming, sweep, hipsnap, and head dunk.

Actually, I'm making a little progress. Hitting them pretty reliable with the float, and when I missed I was able to either do the "Petrussen" manuver, or hold the float out to keep me sideways and take a few breaths. I only bailed out once...

And I even hit one without the float! I seem to be doing better at the C to C type, only sometimes extending the paddle. I'm quite sure I'll gain a lot from the upcoming class.

One good question though: I broke the zipper on the thin wetsuit, and also realized that if I dont continue to work at this thru the winter, I'll have to start over next spring. How does a drytop / farmerjohn combination (which I can afford) compare to a drysuit (which I prob'ly can't)? And I'm a little shy on the 2mm farmer john that Whetstone sells, I'd be more inclined to think WARM (like 6mm...). And can any old tailor shop put a new zipper in neoprene?