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You are alone/not entirely

Hi All,

Just thought I would bring this back up to the top of the list.

: The rescues you have mentioned here all have major weaknesses;

>While I see your point, I don't think the situation is quite so dire. A >paddle float rescue with the paddle attached to the deck rigging (as opposed to
> being hand held), it will continue to stabilize the kayak during pumping as
>long as the paddler keeps some weight on it.

Yes, but they are limited either way. In severe conditions a paddle float outrigger will trip you up just as sponsons will.

: Keeping your body out of the water- Good idea but it only prolongs the
: inevitable.

>Isn't that the point, if there is no other alternative? If you lose your boat >and you're on your own, exposure clothing and signalling devices are the only
>things that will save you. Anything you can do to delay or prevent hypothermia increases your chances of survival.

Yes, if there is no alternative. Once you are at this point it is no longer a self rescue, it is now a matter of relying on someone else to save your life which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

: A reliable roll is the primary defense because it eliminates all the
: weaknesses of the other self rescues. All the other rescues were meant as
: backups to the roll.

>I agree. However, the point is to have as many self and assisted rescue
>techniques in your arsenal as possible. No single technique, including rolling,
>will work under all conditions.

Actually, I want to revamp my original statement. All these self rescue techniques were not developed as backups for the roll. They were developed to try and replace the need to roll with another more usable solution. They did not work as such but turned out to be good backups. The roll has not yet been displaced as the best self rescue technique.

>Whatever method works is the best method.

I disagree. The best method is the one that solves the problem with the least expenditure of energy and keeps the paddler the safest. In both catagories it is the roll.