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Enjoy the day!

Enjoy the day means you can enjoy the glorious sport of the kaywak even though you might never do a roll. Every year some of the best paddlers die. Every year about 10% of Greenlanders died in or out of their boat. I presume everyone who died could amaze the world with their repetoire of rolls. I can not roll and it it is possible that at 50 I will never do another roll. It is also possible that I will never reach a long par 3 with an iron and that some will glory in their ability to hit a 9 iron 180 yards. Did they enjoy the day more than me! I suspect not because I go out with the idea of having a good time. Tiger Woods misses one put and looks miserable even though he had a great score because his goal is perfection. My goal is to have a good time but you see I do believe it is important to set low goals for your life. I want to be a safe , warm , happy lowlife. I do not aspire to do a 105ft drop off a waterfall where at the bottom a roll would be required. In the necky literature there is a marvelous story of a man who paddled from San Diego to Hawaii. Did he do a roll? Any how I paddle 1,000 miles a year and probably enjoy every mile. I do not mess with mother nature by challenging big water because I can not roll so if the St Lawrence has big whitecaps- no big deal I take a small , sheltered river or lake for a ride. The main thing is to make safety and fun your goals. A bad golfer can have a better time on the golf course than Tiger Woods if the bad golfer (me) plays to enjoy the day. As soon as my voice recognition thing is up and running I would like to put hand written notebooks on the computer to form a book to help share many things including, "Let the boy and the man and the man and the boy walk hand in hand. Let love be your guide, you are on the same side, you love one another. If you live the joy that could be, then it never will be. Enjoy the joy that is, have fond memories of that was. And let the boy and the man and the man and the boy walk in His hand!" So yes a roll would be nice!

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Enjoy the day!
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