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bilge pumps

So I just spent a major chunk of time wadeing through the discussion on rolling (I think I only made it through 30 or 40 posts), and one thing struck me. When discussing exits and re-entries, everyone kept talking about "pumping" the water out. I'm poor, and haven't finished buying all the doo-dads and nick-nacks I want for my boat, but instead of a bilge pump I'm planning on just using an old, plastic yogurt container that I can wedge in behind my seat and a sponge. I'm an avid sailor, and canoeist, but sea kayakers seem to be the only members of the paddle sport family who swear by the pump.

Is there any flaw in my thinking? Am I mad to paddle in cold water with something so low-tech as a bailing bucket instead of the mechanical pump?

If anyone has any other home made, low-tech pieced of gear they use instead of the store bought paddle-float, chart-case, or anything-else-considered-essential -for-paddling I would love to hear about it.

hope to hear something soon.