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radar reflector

In the previous thread on running lights the Captain mentioned the wisdom in using a radar reflector when moving near, on, or across shipping lanes in the dark.

I think this is a good idea and wanted to see if it perhaps has already been addressed, so I did a search over the past year on this site using the keywords RADAR and REFLECTOR.

Guess what? Only one post came up, and that was my own reply to the Captain. Can this be?

I remember having read about some Canadian testing of reflectors on kayaks, and their results were mixed, ie. not altogether discouraging. Unfortunately I couldn't locate that test any more.

Does anybody have experiences of their own with these things? I've seen people using crushed beer cans on a stick but better alternatives probably exist.

One could certainly use some kind of device in certain conditions such as fog or rain, if one finds it necessary to cross heavy traffic.