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Aftermarket foot pedal / rudder controls

I have an Eddyline Raven (17' glass) boat that I bought this summer. During my initial practice roll sessions (I was/am a neophyte) I saw right away that a good outfitting job enhanced my chances of getting back upright and into the land of the air-breathers. After many hours in the garage with foam and glue I have a good fit aroung my hips and knees and have a decent pool roll.

My boat has Keeper (?) foot pedal rudder controls, and I am unable to get an effective foot brace which I believe makes rolling more difficult. I have seen Yakima (?) aluminum foot pedals that are fixed on one edge (for effective bracing) and with a moveable pedal for rudder control.

Does anyone know of a source for these Yakima rudder controls so that I can retrofit my boat?

BTW I really enjoy this thread.