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New drytop questions

I recieved my Whetstone drytop the other day, and have some general questions that, oddly enough, they didnt respond to my email on. They have always responded quickly before, so I assume they didnt recieve it for some reason. If I dont see the answers here, I'll send them another note.

It is difficult to get into and out of, both because of the seals and the general fit. The size is correct, once it is on it fits loosly enough to go over thick undergarments and still allow freedom of movement. Is there a preferred method of wiggling into and out of it? I hesitate to pull too hard on the seals, can they withstand that kind of abuse?

The seals feel funny because I have never worn one before. I have read about carefully trimming them, but how do I tell if they are too tight? Is it best to evaluate it on the water on a cold day to see if my hands get cold, or I get dizzy from lack of oxygen in the brain?

It didnt come with cleaning and care instructions. I read on thier website to avoid chlorine and oil based products (like vaseline?), to use talc powder on the seals. Is that all there is to it? Wash in cold water and hang dry? Is there a product to use on the seals to ease entry and exit?