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Fiberglass repair

Help!!! I need to repair a boat and I don't know what to do.

I have a kevlar boat without gelcoat. The clear epoxy (or whatever resin they
use) is all I have over the kevlar fabric. I don't know how, but I think when
transporting the boat, I "bonked" it on the ground. This put a tiny crack in
the clear finish and a little air bubble under the crack (the "bubble" is
about 1/2 x 5 centimeters).

I assume the only way to repair this is to somehow remove the epoxy over the
air buble and then re-apply new expoxy. It there any trick to removing this
without damaging the kevlar fabric underneath?

Alternatively, the expoxy over the bubble is still strong. In fact, if it wasn't clear, I coulnd't even tell it was damaged. Could I just grind it down
a bit and then coat a new layer of epoxy over the damaged region? Would new
resin stick onto the old so this sort of quick fix would work?

What happen's if I put the repair off. will water seeping in to the kevlar
fabric cause serious damage to the boat? By the way, the crack in question is
so small, that water is not getting through it so far (at lease, as far as I
can tell).

Finally, any good web sites or books that can teach me how to deal with
problems like this? This is my first run in with damage i couldn't just
ignore --- but given that I like to paddle in rough, rocky areas, I expect
this to happen again in the future. Hence, I think I need to figure out
how to fix this.

Thank you,


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