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Fluid-filled compasses and sub-zero temps

Can anyone give me some information about Nexxus (made in Sweden) compasses?

A local shop has for sale a nice Nexxus compass for permanent mounting on my kayak. Before making the financial plunge, I am wondering about its ability to tolerate sub-zero temps, as I regularly paddle in winter (today's trip was a chilly 12 degrees with a brisk wind) in very cold conditions and I always store my fiberglass Necky kayak outside (though protected from snow) in whatever temperatures Montana weather can bring. Of course, my memory conjures up visions of the can of pop in the freezer, and I don't want to have my investment go that route!

Also, this model is wired for red illumination, but has no directions for attaching its wiring to a power source (12 volt). At that voltage, I almost wonder if it's designed for sailboat or power boat use. Any experience out there you're willing to share?


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Fluid-filled compasses and sub-zero temps
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