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Question: Flutter and blade shape

The river has finally cleared of ice and I got to test the greenland paddle I carved this winter. In general it worked well, but under a load (accelerating from a stop or from crusing speed to sprint) it has a strong flutter. It seems to dump water off one side then the other, making the paddle waver up and down.
What in the blade's shape causes flutter, and when I carve my second paddle what should I try to produce? I obviously missed something this first time around!

I used Chuck Hoist's basic instructions (which were realy helpful) and then refined the final shape by looking at section drawings of a number of historical Inuit paddles. I chose a shallow oval for the blade ends, a ridged middle section (diamond shape but elongated along the blade's axis) and an ovoid last 1/4 into the shoulder.

Some of the problem went away through technique inprovement over the three hours I used the paddle, but I don't think technique is the answer.

Thanks in advance for your expertise;