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Best sea kayak(comfort+handling)4very long trip?

I am planning a river voyage that should take me 1600 miles from Alberta to Hudson's Bay. I will encounter class ll rapids (3 sets) and a lot of easy flowing water. I will end up in the big water by the time I hit Hudson's Bay. Depending on time I am considering taking this trip further north into the Arctic or east around the coast of Labrador. I am planning on doing this voyage over a time period of 3 years using 5 weeks per year to kayak. Since I am new to kayaking I am seeking information on the best type of sea kayak to use, comfort levels of different brands and anything anyone can tell me about taking such a long trip that might be useful. I am also considering putting out an invitation to one or two people who might be interested in sharing this experience with me. If you would like to consider coming along you must be healthy and able to take care of yourself in a tough spot. Thank you in advance for responding.