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different rolls

My pool sessions proceed well. Still too chicken to roll in the cold water tho, and few excuses for that.
Last week, I hit a few, on both sides, by grabbing the paddle right in the center with both hands, and then finishing the roll with the "down" hand. Could hit them reliably, but it was fun to try. I noticed that the hipsnap has to be strong, and the tuck good and deep. But still, sometimes I'd reach clear under the boat to get that last little boost up. And about half the time I'd flop un-gracefully back into the water. One miss, thats it. Back to the sweeps. Sweeps are reliable, and C-to-C less so with the greenland blade unless I extend it a little. Then no problem.

I assume this center-grip, when refined to perfection, leads to other rolls such as the rolling stick that Chris Cunninham demonstrated at R2K? What else do I need to think about to refine it?

And on the scull-brace, I can breathe but not relax. I must still be missing something there, to scull pretty hard to get a breath, and my face does not always stay up.