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Bilge pump hull exit

Myself and a friend are both in the process of installing Attwood electric bilge pumps in our kayaks.The pump,battery and wiring etc will be all behind the seat.
I have almost all the parts and am ready to go but I think the water should be exhausted out the top of the rear deck just behind the paddler and my friend disagrees and wants to exit his out the side of the hull just below the sheerline like on a powerboat.I'm not even sure why I want to blow it out of the top,it just seems like the right way so as not to compromize the bottom hull and keep the hole well above the water line.I have read other threads in the past on this website and have seen pictures of strip builts with water exhausts above and below the sheer line.Both boats are kevlar layups and my question is: Is anyone aware of any pros and cons as to where the water should be exited,or is it just a matter of preference.
Thanks in advance.