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Bolts through the hull

I want to replace the foot braces on my Looksha Sport with a white-water-style,
movable bulkhead. I use the boat for rough water, "Tsunami-ranger" style
paddling and want a firm platform that I can stand on when all hell breaks

My friends at AlderCreek in Portland helped me out and procurred an old
bulkhead from a white water boat. Now I need to remove the existing foot
braces, patch those holes, drill new holes, and install the bulkhead.

So here come my two questions. First, the boat is kevlar/fiberglass. Any
suggestions for patching the old screw holes? I have a book on fiberglass
repair of boats, but is there any tricks that the books don't talk about?

Second, I am concerned about the stress the bolts for the new bulk head will put
on the hull. Should I use large, rubber coated washers to distribute this
stress? Are there other tricks I should keep in mind to prevent the bolts from
damaging the boat.

thank you,


I am conerned about the stress from the

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