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here are some things to try...
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I personally buy those boat captains beers if I get a nice surf off their wake

Seriously, when you see a wake coming, keep paddling to keep your speed up. You generally had the right idea about using sweep strokes to turn the boat towards the waves, except you'll want to do a "leaned" turn. It's called a "leaned" turn, but it will be easier to uindertsand if you think of it as an "edged" turn. Assuming the wake is approaching from your right, here's what to do:

- Keep paddling to keep your speed up
- put the boat on edge by raising your right knee and dropping your left butt cheek. You are trying to tilt the boat AWAY from the direction of the turn ...this part is a bit counterintuitive. You will remain quite stable, as long as you keep your torso (and centre of gravity) directly over your boat.
- Now use sweep strokes on your left ...you'll be amazed how much quicker your turn will be when titlting the hull.
- Once the wake approaches, stop turning, straighten out the hull (stop tilting) and keep paddling or bracnig, as required.

In my experience, even paddling into the wake at 45 degrees is preferrable to taking them broadside, especially if breaking.

Now to have some fun, turn away from the wake and accelerate down the wave face for a free ride. Remember to thank the captain!

Hope this helped