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Re: Wake wave paranoia- smile and relax
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: I share my paddling area with a number of large powerboats, including some
: large 40 - 50' sportfisherman. These beasts throw a heck of a wake wave
: when on plane. A big set soaked me up to the shoulder this morning.

: As a rookie kayaker, what is the best way to handle a set of 4 - 6 breaking
: 3' waves? Bow on is difficult, since my boat has a tendency to be pushed
: off center after the first wave or two. What is the proper technique - bow
: on or sideways, and roll into them?

: I also need some advice on how to rapidly turn a relatively long boat
: (17'6") like my Coho. My old canoeing techniques, like sweep strokes,
: bow rudders, and stern rudders just seem to stall the boat out without
: creating a rapid enough turn rate. I'm guessing this is a technique
: problem - any suggestions?

I like the thank the captain suggestion. I had no idea my seda glider would take 6ft waves until we were close to thunderboats at 110 mph. Open water Miama vice racers. Please remember to smile and relax. YES YOU CAN DO THIS! Your boat is beautifully engineered to deal with big stuff. You and your boat as one unit can smile and relax and be a friendly part of moving water. My best golf shots were when I relaxed and let the club hit the ball because it knows what to do far better than I ever will. Holding unto a kayak is like holding a golf club or a tube of toothpaste with no top on. As we relax and let the boat nestle and snuggle in among the waves it is almost miraculous how we can have big stuff go way above us and we are still up! It is like whitewater and your first class 3 rapid. Smile , relax and wiggle those hips to unlock your free oneness with the boat. You can do this!