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Re: Wake wave paranoia- smile and relax

:Smile ,
: relax and wiggle those hips to unlock your free oneness with the boat. You
: can do this!

I have to agree; when it comes to kayaking, "Loose hips don't sink ships!", and by this I am simply reiterating the idea of relaxing. Of course, you still want a secure but comfortable connection between your body and the boat. Watch a sea gull, duck, or sea otter bobbing in swell or waves and understand that you have the same potential for that degree of grace; fix this image in your mind. Very soon you will be seeking out those same waves!--especially once you reach the point where you stop thinking of technique, clear your mind, and simply enjoy the ride, reacting to what the wave provides...Excuse the reverie--I need to hit the waves!

Happy Surfing,