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Re: Wake - smile and relax - responsible?

: Although I quite agree with the three above people and share their views and
: enthusiasm, I still say their advice is BAD.

Your shrill tone has piqued my curiosity! What specific "advice" was "BAD"? There is nothing wrong with words of encouragement and simply foreshadowing the joys that lie ahead. Do you disagree that relaxed hips improve a kayaker's ability to ride out rough water, or simply think that it is impossible for a "rookie" to relax? Who was attempting to encourage a "rookie" to go out and chase Tsunami before they developed the appropriate skills? (Anticipating a lack of any gracious sense of humor, I feel compelled to add--just kidding!)

Believe me, I am not discounting your reply. I know that it was provided with the best intentions. With all the reported kayaking accidents, any warning that prevents another is important, although I must admit that I think you are over-reacting to and misinterpreting the spirit of the preceding few replies.

And I know that I will sleep well at night with the understanding that there is at least one responsible member of this Bulletin Board.


Happy Surfing (some day?)


Before a simple thread attempting to express the joys of kayaking and surfing turns into a digressive battle of wits, allow me to express my thanks to the host of this board and the many people who have contributed. I know I have benefited tremendously while in lurk mode. I think this is an excellent source for the exchange of important and not so important information about kayaking.