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powerboats to the rescue

The above thread got me thinking about what appears to be a general attitude among sea kayakers toward power boaters. Past posts have made reference to six pack guzzling idiots endangering themselves and others. I think it's human nature perhaps to view our particular activity as superior and more pure than the other guys, but I just wanted to remind my fellow paddlers that MANY a sea kayakers life has been saved by a powerboater. Most often we don't hear about this, but I assure you it happens! Sure there are poor boaters, but it seems that kayakers account for a good percentage of mishaps where I live. I think the truth is that the majority of power boaters are pretty good. They have expensive vessels that they care about, insurance, and are more heavily scrutinized than kayakers. So in the spirit of cooperation I'd encourage paddlers to be friendly and courteous to all boaters. I think it goes a long way. Happy and safe paddling!