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Re: powerboats to the rescue- well said!
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: The above thread got me thinking about what appears to be a general attitude
: among sea kayakers toward power boaters. Past posts have made reference to
: six pack guzzling idiots endangering themselves and others. I think it's
: human nature perhaps to view our particular activity as superior and more
: pure than the other guys, but I just wanted to remind my fellow paddlers
: that MANY a sea kayakers life has been saved by a powerboater. Most often
: we don't hear about this, but I assure you it happens! Sure there are poor
: boaters, but it seems that kayakers account for a good percentage of
: mishaps where I live. I think the truth is that the majority of power
: boaters are pretty good. They have expensive vessels that they care about,
: insurance, and are more heavily scrutinized than kayakers. So in the
: spirit of cooperation I'd encourage paddlers to be friendly and courteous
: to all boaters. I think it goes a long way. Happy and safe paddling!
I forgot to unloose the rubber band holding down the rudder on my Sealution. A nice man on a jet ski released the rudder so I did not have to go back in to the dock to release it.
In Baltimore Inner Harbor I saw some open water racers moor their sailboat. Maybe they were part of race around the world. Anyhow they were wearing pfd's that would inflate if a rope was pulled. How about a small helium canister that would inflate a balloon hooked to the foredeck- or just aft of the cockpit. Not sure if a balloon on a pfd is feasible but improving visibility is good. On the subject of kaywaking without training- How about the young men who rented ww boats to go down class 4-5 rapids on the Ottawa? Big surf waves are good because they forced me to realize I could handle more than I thought I could.This is an excellent bulletin board that does a lot to promote safe boat usage! Ihave 3 sisters who were cheerleaders- YES YOU CAN DO THIS !
The fear of failure can be conquered. "What the people of Israel greatly feared came upon them." Fear is faith in reverse. If a gymnast in the Olympics fears that she will fall off the balance beam. then maybe her fear and tension will form a self fulfilling prophecy. WE ARE FAMILY!