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Re: powerboats to the rescue
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: The above thread got me thinking about what appears to be a general attitude
: among sea kayakers toward power boaters. Past posts have made reference to
: six pack guzzling idiots endangering themselves and others.

Although the U.S. Coast Guard publication "Boating Statistics, 1998", puts canoes and kayaks second with the highest number of fatalities behind open motor boats, what has been pointed out by individuals much more eloquent than myself is that deaths are misleading; what is important is injuries and collisions, because when a kayaker dies she doesn't take anyone else with her, but collisions and injuries most likely involved innocents that simply found themselves in the proximity of a reckless motor boater; when you analyze these statistics from the same report, personal water craft and open motor boaters lead the list and kayakers make up a minor percentage. When we kayak, we only risk our own lives. When you open motor boat or hop on your personal water craft you potentially endanger everyone on board and in the water. Naturally, Kayaker’s don't like being run over!