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Re: powerboats to the rescue
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I know of NO collisions in the San Juans between power boaters and kayakers. In the last year we've had four kayakers die from getting into trouble on their own. I simply want to remind kayakers (I am one as well) that we have a responsibility to understand the Rules, (this means staying out of the way in some cases),and being courteous and safe mariners. Power vessels, including ferries have rescued many kayakers in our waters, and I suspect those who were saved are not so arrogant when it comes to powerboaters. These are just my thoughts as someone who lives in both camps. It is these very powerboaters who are the first line of response summoned by the Coast Guard to help others in distress. All I'm suggesting (I know it's a lot) is that kayakers not fall into the trap of assuming the worst of other users.