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Re: powerboats to the rescue
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: I know of NO collisions in the San Juans between power boaters and kayakers.
: . I
: suspect those who were saved are not so arrogant when it comes to
: powerboaters.

At the risk of pilling it on with the Good Captain who I realize is a fellow kayaker, or of preaching to the choir, A brief note: As I have already pointed out, according to the above referenced study PWC users and power boaters lead the statistics in both collisions and injuries. Even if the Good Captainís brethren spent most of their time colliding with each other, the dock or shoreline, would you want to be the first documented case of either colliding with a kayak? The facts remain that powerboaters and PWC users are a threat to other water users; just as importantly, kayakers are not. We are not arrogant. We have the right to claim our superior record in not being a threat to others who share the water.

Sorry to beat a dead horse,