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Re: powerboats to the rescue
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: The facts remain that powerboaters
: and PWC users are a threat to other water users;

Some are, some aren't.

: just as importantly,
: kayakers are not. We are not arrogant.

Some are, some aren't. What about ignorant (or arrogant) kayakers who dawdle in shipping lanes, causing the ship to either a) run aground, b) run into another vessel, or c) run into the kayaker. You can't accurately describe all watercraft operators with such sweeping generalizations.

: We have the right to claim our
: superior record in not being a
: threat to others who share the water.

We're generally less of a threat, but not immune to being a threat, or acts of stupidity.

: Sorry to beat a dead horse,

Well, it's actually somewhat of a new twist. While I'd like to agree with you that kayakers are always safer than other boaters, and accidents and property damage are always the other guy's fault, I must disagree. We are generally lower-impact, but kayakers can cause plenty of damage.