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Re: powerboats to the rescue
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:Please enlighten me with your
: incredible knowledge of these studies,

Nothing incredible: Allison Snow Jones wrote an opinion for the News and Observer called “Up a Creek, You’re Safer with a Paddle” that appeared online recently. I posted a link to this article on rec.boats.paddle. Unfortunately the link expired or I would have posted it here. When I wrote, “what has been pointed out by individuals much more eloquent than myself”, I was referencing the statistics in this article, which draws from the U.S. Coast Guard publication “Boating Statistics, 1998” and paraphrasing the idea presented that highlighted the important difference between the total number of deaths per boat type and the percentage of collisions/injuries associated with each type—again, kayakers kill themselves, while PWC and power boaters are more likely to take out innocent bystanders. Allison draws very original and persuasive (depending of course on your bias) conclusions from the statistics in an article serving primarily as a rebuttal to a PWC proponent—and of course not all of the statistics are relevant to this thread. When I responded to the Good Captain, I drew from my recollection of these statistics. Sorry for the late attribution. I was simply attempting to disseminate what I thought were the relevant statistics, and in doing so, I may have pushed them a bit far by using absolutes. The facts remain, as presented in this article, that Kayakers made up a small percentage of collisions and injuries, while PWC and power boaters accounted for the lions share. Interpret this according to your bias—again, the article was an opinion. The Good Captain wondered why many kayakers had negative opinions of power boaters, and I simply responded with the answer that kayakers naturally fear being involved in a collision with a power boater or PWC. Now, how many power boaters or PWC users actually collide with kayakers is debatable. As the name implies, the thrust of the article, as I recall, was that you were safer in a kayak than a PWC or power boat provided that you wore appropriate immersion gear and avoided collisions with PWC or power boaters; again, this last conclusion was debatable because there was no hard data on what the PWC or power boaters hit. In retrospect, I was a bit fast and loose with the facts, as Shawn so astutely pointed out…

As the Good Captain says, “I know of NO collisions in the San Juans between power boaters and kayakers”…I guess they just run into each other, the dock, or shore...

Happy power boating,