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Re: powerboats to the rescue
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There is nothing suprising here. How many thousands of power vessels do you think there are for every kayak? And yes boats do collide with things and each other from time to time. In the PNW debris in the water is a major issue. Neutrally buoyant logs are a big issue for boaters up here! The last I'll say here is that for certain there are accidents with these vessels, but on a per capita basis I just have to look at my local waters to see that we kayakers get into life threatening trouble more often. Jet Skis can be very alarming for sure, and I know that many of their users are ignorant. They are currently banned in the San Juans, so I rarely see them. Those that ride in Deception Pass are usually pretty good. I guess what I'm foolishly trying to do is suggest to kayakers that the majority of power vessel operators are decent and careful folks in my experience. Each activity it seems has it's prejudices that are hard to shake. Kayakers in the traffic lanes in the fog scare the hell out of me. But try telling them anything! No No, your just a dumb power boater. Safe paddling folks.