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since you asked...

...well, I did say I agreed with most of what had been said above. I share the same enthusiasm and don't mind if people let it shine and show.

My point was and is that there is also Mr. John "NIKE" Doe to consider - :) - you know the "JUST DO IT" guy. Tell him about how wonderful a craft a (any!) Sea Kayak is and how "secondary stability" and loose hips allow us to defeat and master the most awesome wakes or surf, well... He'll just go and do it!

Chances are he'll rush into some busy lane thinking the more boats, the more wakes, the better. The trouble with this and many other action sports is that in the beginning, when you need the awareness the most, you simply don't and can't know what you should look out for, what you should worry about, and run away from, if you see it coming.

That only comes with experience. And then you can stay relaxed and perform even beyond what you previously thought were your limits. A rookie will be fearless, and relaxed, up to a point, and then he freezes. Think about war - it's the new guys that get killed, not the old dogs that do the killing, and seem to get away with anything. Do they tell the newbies to go peek over the top? Same difference.

p.s. I hope you are not counting on ME being that one responsible member... ;)