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Re:right on Capt.
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You're in a knowledgable postion to see "the other guys" position and I'm grateful for it. I've been harassed by young teenagers in a Boston Whaler. "hey, we weren't going to run him over, we're just having fun"!!???. Or the 200hp Bayliner coming off plane at the 6mph buoy, at the 100ft wide entrance of a little creek (that's what they call bays and inlets out here) with boats and kayaks entering and exiting "and some of them are sober!". etc. On the "other side" all those "Mother Ship" cruises taking people places with their kayaks?, the other kind of young teenagers that rescued the floating PWC operater two summers ago in their beat up skiff and All the rescues for kayakers came from internal combustion engine boats.

There's a self-centeredness that I've seen in some folks paddling that is very similar to the social behaviour I saw in bike training rides when I trained/raced. People got into a fun activity (cycling/kayaking) where there was already accepted norms of behaviour (rules of the road). They happen to be in a very small minority on the road or in the water but they don't realize that their one ego on a bicycle or in a kayak does not confer some kind of territorial claim irrespective of physics or previous rules of the road. I suppose there's an American "pursuit of happiness" conflict that happens when one buys $3000 worth of toys and finds that there are people working where that person wants to play.
Keep up the dialog, your perspective is needed.