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What do you think?

As a kayaker, I thought the following AP article was good news. I am curious as to what other members of this bulletin board think about banning some water users from public waterways, particularly PWC. We must have some members who kayak and enjoy riding PWC; what do you think? Maybe some of our less responsible but highly aggressive members like harassing PWC from their kayaks and would miss them. I don't know. Opinions? Believe me, my intent is not to incite a territorial battle, as I said, I'm just curious, and I'm sure I'll be surprised and educated.

Happy PWCing in your bathtub,


I am sure the Captain will be encouraged to know and feel somewhat vindicated seeing that motorboats were not affected!


National Seashore bans personal watercraft

HARKERS ISLAND, N.C. (AP) -- Personal watercraft such as jet skis have
been banned from the Cape Lookout National
Seashore, effective immediately, officials said.

Seashore Superintendent Karren Brown announced the ban Wednesday after a
review of personal watercraft use ordered by
the National Park Service. Officials said the small crafts disrupted the
aesthetic qualities of the area and threatened the safety
of visitors.

In addition to the ban on operating the crafts within seashore
boundaries, launching or landing them on any ocean- or
sound-side beaches is now prohibited. Motorboat use will not be